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I’m Arti Kakkad, passionate about learning who you are as an individual and showing you how to achieve your best potential in any situation – read about my story, qualifications and work here.

“Invest in your personal development: make your mind your best friend”

Sometimes we go along with the rush of life, never giving ourselves the opportunity to take a step back and ask ‘is what I’m doing right now helping me be the person I want to be?’ Sometimes we know that things are not quite right, but we have no idea what to do about it. If this sounds familiar, I can help you understand where you are, what your goals are and teach you tools which will help you achieve them.

  • Are you stressed and anxious, and want some help managing it?
  • Do you feel stuck in life and unsure of what you want?
  • Or know what your goals are but find it difficult to achieve them?
  • Are there things blocking you which you just can’t seem to shift?

“Give yourself the gift of taking some time out to get to where you want to be!”

What can I help you with?

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Individuals Children
Addictions Bedwetting
Anger management Bullying
Decision making Confidence
Depression Exam performance
Fears & Phobias Excessive worrying
IBS Family problems
Living a healthy lifestyle Fears and phobias
Mood swings Mindfulness
Obsessive thoughts or behaviour addictions Nightmares
Panic attacks Relaxation
Personal development Self esteem and self confidence
Relationships Stress management
Sexual problems Unwanted Habits
Starting a mindfulness practice
Stress and anxiety management