About Me


My name is Arti Kakkad, and I am passionate about personal development, helping people learn more about themselves and how to lead a better life. I have coached and mentored both children and adults since 2007 and over the years have added to my repertoire of skills to really be able to uproot the deeply embedded behaviours people wish to change.

My story

I’d gone through life handling stress quite well. Then one year, I went through several life-changes all at once. I didn’t realise it at the time, but all of these life changes are commonly known to be stressful, even one at a time. Together, they accumulated into a racing mind and an inability to think clearly, sleep properly or digest my food properly. Now I know why.

I was keen to get back to the calm and clarity I’d once had, so I went into a bit of a frenzy, learning everything I could about the mind, stress, lifestyle and health in order to reduce the impact these life changes had on my life. I came across and experimented with all sorts of theories of how to help the mind function at its best. With great fascination, I studied my favourite ways more deeply. Hence was born what has become a lifetime interest about how to change the way I think to improve the quality of my life, and a lifetime passion to help others do the same.

Incidentally, in the course of my studies I came across the Holmes and Rahe Stress Test which assigns a number of points to life-changing events which have happened over the course of the previous year, with a view to this giving an indication of how likely it is that your level of stress will lead to an illness. I am not sure how they came up with these points, but it is a well-used test in psychological circles, and my score was HIGH. Once I’d discovered this, I forgave myself for not coping so well.

As a bit of fun, if anyone can guess my score to the nearest 10 points, I’ll offer you a free session!

My qualifications

I believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ method to helping people. I’ve learned a lot about how to have the right lifestyle and tools to use to help reverse the effects of stress and keep it at bay. My formal qualifications include:

At some point I decided to stop collecting qualifications and actually help people. So I set up a clinic, and got myself out there to groups. The rest, as they say, is history.

My work

I started off giving training sessions in companies on management skills.

I have now branched out into having one-to-one coaching sessions for:
– managing stress and anxiety
– career development
– increasing confidence
– weight loss
– fears and phobias
– health issues with a link to stress

I also speak to groups large and small on stress and anxiety management and how to use the power of the mind to improve life.

I run managing stress and anxiety workshops over a period of 6 weeks, monthly guided meditation classes, and a personal & professional development book club, all of which you can find details for on the events page.

My mission is to try and spread the knowledge which I didn’t have when I needed it. If you would like some help please call me on 07545812477 or email info@innerconversations.org