Mental Health Awareness Workshop

I am so to be delivering this mental health awareness workshop on 12th April, 1-4pm, Milton Keynes, in association with Coach Forever Limited, and right in the middle of #stressawarenessmonth too 😊 With one in four people diagnosed with a mental health problem each year (I wonder how many suffer in silence...) I think awareness … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Workshop


We were at a party. I was feeling good. I was ready to dance with the party animal, talk to the shy person, have a giggle with the flirt. But people kept turning away from me. Crinkling their nose in disgust. Sighing. Tutting. I began to feel left out. My smile had turned into a … Continue reading Labels

A hypnotherapy case study

I am often asked how life coaching and hypnotherapy can help with life situations, so I thought I’d start a mini-series of case studies for illustration purposes. Client information is always kept confidential, so please note these are fictional stories based loosely on real life examples. David came to see me to gain some confidence … Continue reading A hypnotherapy case study

Questioning your beliefs – being your own life coach

I went to a dance class for the first time the other day. Now, some of you will be thinking ‘yeh, so what?’ - but for me, that was a big deal...I would normally shy away from such classes thinking 'I'm no good at dance'.  However all of this work I’ve been doing on myself … Continue reading Questioning your beliefs – being your own life coach

Stress Management – When Stress Gets Too Much

Readers, it is time to fire up your imagination for a moment. You’re in the woods, sitting by a stream quietly contemplating life. The sun is shining through the trees, it is cool where you’re sitting and the sound of the water is so soothing it is almost lulling you to sleep. Suddenly, you spot … Continue reading Stress Management – When Stress Gets Too Much