You can book a session with me by calling me on 07545812477, or emailing

Please note when using the online booking system that your booking is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Initial consultation

Price: free

I do not charge for the initial consultation, which usually lasts 30 minutes. During this consultation I can answer any questions you have and will ask you some basic information to make sure I can help you. If you prefer, we can go through this process by email.

Session of Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy (1.5 hours)


In these sessions we will explore the issues you’d like to work on and discuss tools to help you. The number and frequency of sessions people need vary from situation to situation (from one session to many), and we can discuss this during the initial consultation.

Generally I’d advise starting with 3 sessions and reviewing this at the end of the third session to discuss how to take things forward.

Sometimes I do overrun – there are no charges for overruns, but please let me know if you need to be somewhere at a certain time!

After the session I may send you a recording to listen to or a worksheet to enhance the effectiveness of the work we’ve done together. I’m happy for you to keep in touch in between sessions by phone or email to let me know how you’re doing and answer any questions you have.

Follow up sessions are usually 60 minutes at £45, although we will discuss this at your first session. The number of sessions you will need will depend on what you would like to work on and we can discuss this in your first session too.

One-day intensive workshop

Includes a light vegetarian lunch


Sometimes people just need to take a day out of their lives to help them find the ‘reset button’, do some inner exploration to decide what they want for their future and learn some tools to pave their way forward. In these sessions we spend time getting an idea of what you’d like to work on, do some healing of the past and clear any blocks which are impacting on you moving forward and create a future which enthuses you. Having a one-day intensive workshop is particularly good for those who want to kick-start their personal development, find it difficult to fit regular sessions into their lives or are travelling from a little further away. It is also a great gift for anyone in your life who feels stuck and wants some help getting out of their rut.

After the session I will summarise the session so that you always have a reference point to go back to as you work on what you learned.

I also run group events, which you can find and book onto here.

I run training sessions for organisations and would he happy to discuss your organisation’s needs. My experience covers the private companies, the public sector and charities. Please contact me on 07545812477 or for further information.