Poems of Precious Wisdom – Alexandra Wenman – WITH AUTHOR VISIT

Come and discuss this book WITH THE AUTHOR on 19th February 2018, 7-9pm, Fountain Harvester, Milton Keynes.
Comment below or email me to let me know you’re going to join. Event is free and new members are always welcome.

Our book club is an informal discussion over food and drinks (both optional) where we discuss what we thought and how reading the book has helped us. New members are always welcome.


I am very excited to announce that Alexandra Wenman will be coming to Milton Keynes to answer questions about her book and sign your copies, so get the date in your diary.

This is the first time our book club has read poetry as self-development, so I’m looking forward to a good discussion. We learn so much through poetry (whether we realise it or not – songs are poems to music, after all…) and whether you last read a poem as a child or still read poems all the time, I think everyone will get something out of Alexandra’s amazing work.

A Journey of Awakening Poems of Precious Wisdom is a collection of channelled work which tells the story of one woman’s experience of ‘The Dark Night Of The Soul’, and the subsequent profound awakening and rebirth she undergoes as a result of her experience. Much more than a collection of poetry, this book takes the reader on a personal healing journey through their shadow and into the light and wisdom of their true majesty. This book will help reveal the gold of your soul. Alexandra’s story is a story familiar to all of us. The powerful energy contained in her words will lead you on your own journey of personal transformation and enlightenment. This is poetry as alchemy.

Alexandra’s book of poems is something you can read cover-to-cover or dip in and out of so (as usual) come along whether you’ve read the book or not!
An example, picked at random, is below:

There is another me awakening
She has another name
She is older and far wiser
Yet we are both the same
I am recalling more of her
The more I look within
She’s curious about me too
And yet we both blend in

Available on Amazon here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Poems-Precious-Wisdom-Alexandra-Wenman

You can follow Alexandra on social media where she posts new and previously published poems from time to time:
Facebook: Alexandra Wenman’s Precious Wisdom https://www.facebook.com/AlexandraWenmansPreciousWisdom/
Twitter: @AlexandraWenman
Instagram: AlexandraCWenman https://www.instagram.com/alexandracwenman/

You can also find her on YouTube at:
The Alexandra Wenman Show https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCddFn-Z7GP9r4g61N2sKmew
Awake Ones https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCoFI_Y32ittwVG3kc6mcaQ

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