What is life coaching & mentoring?


During a life coaching session I would ask you some careful questions and give you some tools in order to help you understand where you are and how you could get to where you want to. The premise of coaching is that you have the answers to your situation inside you; you just haven’t been asked the right questions to find them yet!  It’s an incredibly effective way to achieve what you want to in life, because in many situations you know what will work for you better than someone else does, and instead of being told what to do you’re creating your own solutions.

On the other hand, sometimes you just don’t know the answer to a question, and that is where mentoring comes in. I can teach you tools to help you overcome situations you need help with which you can try out and experiment with, or recommend sources of information you might find helpful. These new skills will help you with your current situation, and those which might come up in the future.