Self hypnosis downloads from hypnosis

These professionally produced Hypnotherapy tracks can provide help in a variety of areas. You can experience the positive benefits of deep and concentrated relaxation which creates a sense of calm and tranquility.

You can use these MP3 Downloads daily to train your mind and body into new ways of thinking and take back control.

Please note that the audios are designed to give you positive suggestions and to help with visualisation for change.

They are not a substiture for individualised life coaching or hypnotherapy but it is a good way to try some self-coaching with little down-side. Browse over 800 self hypnosis sessions

10-Step Courses
10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset
Become Absolutely Assertive
Be more attractive to women
How to Deal with Insecurity in Relationships
Overcome Negativity and Transform Your Life
Cure Social Anxiety Course
Powerful Presentations Course
Low Self Esteem
Addiction Help
Adrenaline Addiction
Withdrawal from Alchohol
Coffee Addiction
Stop Using Marijuana
Chewing Tobacco Addiction
Chocolate Addicts
Cocaine Addiction Treatment
Stop Hoarding
Overcome Alcohol Abuse
Overcome Energy Drink Addiction
Gym Addiction
Gamble Less
Stop Playing Games
Coming Off Heroin
Addiction to the Internet
Stop Stealing
Masturbation Addiction
Sensible Alcohol Consumption
Less News
Addicted to Nicotine?
Compulsive Checking
Compulsive Cleaning
OCD Hypnosis
Are You a Music Addict?
Overcome Catholic Guilt
Painkiller Addict
Have Fun without Alcohol
Porn Addiction
Obsessive Body Focus
Compulsive Shopping
Addicted to Slot Machines
Focus on Local Friends
Stay Stopped Drinking
Compulsive Thoughts
Stay Out of the Sun
Alternative Cancer Treatments
Stay positive with Cancer
Cancer Pain
Waiting for Cancer Test
Reduce Nausea from Chemo
Fear of Cancer Recurrence
Needle Fear Hypnosis
Anti Aging
Age Gracefully
Overcoming Hair Loss
Fear of Getting Old
Fall Phobia Elderly
Old and Alone
Longer Life
Natural Face Lift
Stroke Movement Recovery
Turn Back the Clock
Anxiety Treatment
Overcome Anticipatory Anxiety
Social Eating Comfort
Where’s the Bathroom?
Scared of Court
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Stage Fright Musicians
No Reply to Message
Get Rid of Fear and Anxiety
Lump in the Throat
Performance Anxiety
Stage Fright
Waiting for Results
Nervous Urination
Cold Feet
Bad Habits
Break Bad Habits
Drink Less Wine
Stop Blinking Too Much
Eye Lash Plucking
Hair Pulling Disease
Stop Lip Biting
Stop Chewing Ice
Eliminate Cheek Chewing
Impulse Buying
Relax Your Jaw
Cure Nail Biting
Leave Your Nose Alone
No More Scratching
Stop Picking
Stop Thumb Sucking
Children’s Hypnosis
Kids’ Self Belief
Fear of Bugs
Children of Divorced Parents
Handling Insults for Kids
Hypnotic Bedtime Story
Improve Concentration Children
Learning Confidence for Kids
Anxiety in Children
Losing a Grandparent
Children: Death of a Parent
Kids – Social Exclusion
Kids Fear of the Dark
Children Having Nightmares
Cope with Pet Loss
Kids Be Friendly
Excluded from Party Invitation
Kids’ Reading Self Belief
Fear of School
Build Kids Self Esteem
Talk About Troubles Kids
Shy Child
Children Confidence in Class
Kids Bed Wetting
Stop Thumb Sucking
Child Tantrums
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Forget Troubling Childhood
Self Image
Had No Children
Cope with Disfigurement
Decondition the Cult’s Effects
Easier Swallowing
Reduce Noise Sensitivity
Stop Being Hypervigilant
Sound of People Chewing
Bed Wetting
Stop Cutting Yourself
Overcome Stammering
Unwanted Child
Communication Skills
Be more assertive
Be More Interesting
Comedy Genius
Tactful Talking
How to Break Bad News
Pathological Lying
Enjoying Chatting
Don’t Be Boring
Express Your Opinion
Listening Skills
Master small talk
Meet New People
Nervous Talking
Enhance Your Voice
Reading Aloud
Develop a Powerful ‘No’!
Clear Speaking
Defend Yourself
Apologize Less
No More Arguments
Stop Being Defensive
Reduce Complaining
Don’t Swear
Always Giving Advice?
Don’t Be a Gossip
Stop Butting In
Think Before You Speak
Dealing with Difficult People
Energy Vampire Shield
Dealing with Aggressive Behavior
Dealing with the Passive Aggressive
The Control Freak
Backstabbing Gossip
The Know It All
Dealing with Emotional Leeches
Moody Person
Dealing with Criticizers
The Shy Type
Verbal Judo
Depression Self Help
Antidepressant Withdrawal Symptoms
Feel Happier in Winter
Leaving Home Depression
Coming out of Depression
Living with Depressed Husband
Living with Depressed Wife
Hypnosis for Depression
Managing Manic Depression
Overcome Reverse Seasonal Affect Disorder
Emotional Intelligence
Overcome Road Rage
Accept Things
Manage Your Anger
Be More Kind
Be Less Proud
Enjoy Your Birthday
Too Empathic?
Learn to Control Your Emotions
Cry During Arguments?
Overcome Guilt
Coping with Rejection
Detach from Fear
Stop Feeling Ashamed
Express Your Emotions
Be More Loving
Everyday Blues
Feeling Like a Failure
Forgiving Yourself
Get In Touch With Your Emotions
Happy Where You Are
Feel Better Now!
Addictive Personality
Boost Your EQ!
Let Go
Relax About It
Spare Your Blushes
Green Eyed Monster
Overcome Greed
Cure Jealousy
What Parents Expect
Respect Your Family
Be Less Cynical
Don’t Be Grumpy
Be More Flexible
Stop Being Too Serious
Enjoy Life
Party Hard!
Through the Eyes of a Child
Your Life’s Passion
More Fun
Life’s a Journey
How to Love Life
What Does It All Mean?
New Life Story
Stop Regrets
Say Yes!
Get Travelling!
Live in the Moment
Live In The Now
Use Time Wisely
Change Your Life!
Experience Sound
Supercharged Taste
Try New Things
My Life Story
Fears and Phobias
Fear of Crowds
Overcome Bird Phobia
Oercome Needle Phobia
Overcome Snake Phobia
Fear of Spiders
Overcome Dental Phobia
Overcome Driving Test Nerves
Anxiety in Exams
Fear of Wasps
Overcome Fear of Being Late
Scared of Boats?
Bridge Briving Phobia
Fear of Cancer
Feline Fear
Scared of Change?
Relax Around Clowns
Fear of Large Groups
Fear of Dying
Relax with Doctors
Four Legged Foes?
Phobia of Driving
Beat Elevator Fear
Problems with Emotions?
Escalator Phobia
Ease Failure Phobia
Overcome Fear of Fainting
Fear of Slipping
Be Calm in Airplanes
Anesthesia Phobia
Overcome Fear of Bacteria
You’re Not Crazy!
Fear of Responsibility
Ease Height Phobia
Fear of Laughter
Fear Of Loud Noises
Scared of Mistakes?
Overcome Mice Phobia
Fear of Missing Out
Fear of Numbers
Others Being Sick
Fear of Photography
Long Range Planning
Scared of Being Poor?
Fear of Buses
Relax about Sharks
Fear of Terminally Ill
Seek Success
Fear of Terrorism
Darkness Phobia
Phone Phobia
Being Touched by Others
Fear of Travel
Fear of Being Attacked
Fear of Vomit
Fear of Water
Fear of Girls
Heart Attack Fears
Nervous Passenger
Panic at Night
Fear of Showers
Overcome Hospital Phobia
Enclosed Spaces
Burglary Trauma
Overcome Panic
Fear of Technology
Be Calm in New Places
Fun Hypnosis
Magic Carpet Flight
Hypnotic Ski Run
On Cloud Nine
Happy Days
History Compressed
Hypnotic Treasure Hunt
Space Trip
Undersea Journey
Walk in Space
Grief and Loss
Grief over Parent’s Death
Deal with Grief
Losing a Child
Pet’s Death
Moving Out
Overcome Fear of Losing Loved Ones
Emotional Balance at Funerals
Time Heals Everything
When a Friend Stops Talking to You
Overcome heartbreak
Guilty About Nursing Home
Loss of a Loved One
Health Issues
Adrenal Fatigue
Asthma Symptoms
Immune System Booster
Terminally Ill Caring
Hypnotic Hives Treatment
Teeth Brushing
Contact Lenses – Relax
Cope with Chronic Illness
Hypothyroidism Help
Crohns Disease Treatment
Itchy Skin?
Ease Migraine Headaches
Multiple Sclerosis
Raynauds Syndrome
Natural Endometriosis Treatment
Essential Tremor
Heal Faster
Boost Your Immune System
Beat Hangover Symptoms
Pollen Allergy
Heal Well
Making Healthier Choices
Choose the Right Foods
The Perfect You
More More!
Control Portions – Ultimate!
Gym Session Maximizer
Be Healthier All Round
Beat Hypertension
Sensitive Hearing
IBS Treatment
Improve Posture
Short-sightedness Hypnosis
Jetlag Treatment
Fear of Mammograms
MRI Scan
Treating Muscle Spasm
Getting Natural Herpes Treatment
Natural Indigestion Remedy
Overactive Bladder
Fear of Illness
Parcopresis Treatment
Pre Menstrual Syndrome
Poor Circulation
Surgery Preparation
Soothe Psoriasis Symptoms
Ease Constipation
Remember to Take Your Medication
Restless Legs
Easier Needles
Don’t Notice Perfumes/Colognes
Public Urination
End Knuckle Cracking
Facial Twitch
Stop Popping Spots
Take Care of You
No More Tension Headaches
Tinnitus Treatment
Overcome Travel Sickness
Vulvodynia Hypnosis
Treat Warts
Healthy Eating
Anorexia Eating Disorder
Control Bulimia
Hydrate Yourself
Eat More Fruit and Vegetables
Weight Gain
Gluten Free Diet
Orthorexia Hypnosis
Eat More Foods
Reduce Salt Intake
Fewer Fizzy Drinks
Hypnosis Download Packs
Increase Social Confidence
Anti-aging Hypnosis Pack
Learn How to Be Assertive
Make Women Like You More
Don’t Be So Pessimistic Pack
Keep Your Composure
Become Persuasive
be true to yourself
Beat Fear and Anxiety Pack
Better Thinking Skills Pack
Be More Courageous
Low Self Esteem Pack
creativity booster
Work Skills Development
Stress Management Techniques
Dating Help Pack
emotional control
stop drinking alcohol
reduce wine drinking
heal after a relationship ends
Be Confident About Your Appearance
Feel Good Pack
Winter Happiness
Be More Socially Capable
Heal the Past
Heal Your Marriage
Difficult People Hypnosis
Improve Productivity
Cure Insomnia
Improve Sexual Performance
Stop Uncontrolled Anger
Stop Spending
Mindfulness Hypnosis
Your New Baby and You
Renew Yourself Hypnosis Pack
overcome misophonia
stop anxiety attacks
Overcome Social Anxiety Series
highly stressed
Motivate Yourself Now
Positivity Power Pack
Scared of Presentations?
Having Hypno-Fun
Confidence Course
Relationship Rescue Pack
Success Preparation Pack
personal development
fall asleep fast
cool down blushing
You’re Not Inferior!
Obsessed with Sex?
Successful Studying Pack
Supreme Sporting Success Mindset
Bring Success
Total Fitness Motivation Pack
Complete Focus Hypnosis Pack
Weight Manager Pack
Hypnotherapist Courses
Cataleptic Arm
Automatic Writing
Improve Your Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy Confidence
Handling Resistance
Mouth Anaesthesia
Numb your Hand
Your Hand Floats!
Hypnosis Induction
Psychologist Burnout
Time Distortion
Interpersonal Skills
Accept Compliments
Approaching Women
Stop Being an Attention Seeker
Overcome a Poor First Impression
Better Friend
Appear Friendlier
Speak Less Harshly
Stop Being Critical
How to be more attractive to men
Learn How To Attract Women
Charismatic Personality
More Romance
Be More Popular
Instant Rapport
In Your Face?
Problems with the In-Laws
Stop Feeling Intimidated
Let Go of Grudges
Taking Things Personally?
Don’t Be Taken for Granted
Look at People More
Authority Figures
Ease Confrontation Phobia
Be Connected
Say Sorry Properly
Say You’re OK
Increase Your Social Circle
Be Confidence with Introductions
In Touch with Friends
Be Less Challenging
Negativity Shield
Empathize Better
Take Care of Yourself
Set Boundaries
Be More Smiley
Men – Speed Dating
Women – Speed Dating
Handle THAT Person
How to Stop Being a Bully
Stop Being Self Centered
Jumping to Conclusions
Passive Aggressive
Job Skills
Be A Leader
Ask for a Raise
Pay Attention to Detail
How to Deal with a Bad Boss
Be a Better Manager
Be a Better Writer
Be More Influential
Be a Self Starter
Proper Professional
Relax in Front of the Camera
Be Punctual
Networking Skills
Change Jobs
How to Choose a Career
Relax in Meetings
Stand up to your Boss
Delegating Authority
Crying When Angry
Stressful Job
Enjoy Paperwork
Get More From Your Job
Unfinished Goals?
Presenting without Preparation
Typing Speed
Fear of Interviews
Coping with Job Loss
Job Search Perseverance
Make Your Mind Up
Deadlines Meeting
Feel Low on Monday?
Time Management Tips
Powerful Presentations
Pre-Presentation Nerves
Public Speaking Fear
Handling Difficult Presentation Questions
Time Off Work?
Be a Super Seller
Presentations Without Notes
New Job
Quality Team Player
Teleselling Confidence
Work Less
Bullying In The Workplace
Learning Help
Academic Performance
Classroom Attention Booster
Beginner’s Mind
Confident Debating
Worry About Dyslexia
Spelling Help
Absorb Languages
Playing a Musical Instrument
Quick Choreography Learning
Speed Learning
Fast Learning from a Pro
Easier Music Memory
Method Acting Technique
Perfect Pitch
Peoples’ Names
Remember What You Read
Going Back to School
Read Faster
Study Motivation
Motivation and Inspiration
Reach Your Potential
Do Something About It!
Give it Another Go
Think You’ve Failed?
Try Your Hardest
Get An Energy Boost
Great Expectations
Get Your Mojo Back
Douglas Bader – Determination
Galileo Galilei – Mind Strength
Helen Keller’s example of determination and self belief
Milton Erickson – Against all odds
Robert the Bruce – True Grit
Sir Richard Burton – Daring and Courage
Viktor Frankl – Courage in the face of adversity
Have a Fantastic Tomorrow
More Energy!
Job Motivation
No Excuses
Business Promotion
Increase Your Motivation
Self Promotion
Start Your Own Business
Will You Get Permission?
Ambition Booster
Motivational Story
Level Up!
Create Big Goals
Pain Relief
Relief fromArthritis
Manage Chronic Pain
Regional Pain Syndrome
Reduce Fibro Pain
Relieve Hip Pain
Knee Pain Relief
Ease Myofascial Pain
Heal Neuropathic Pain
Hypnosis for Pain
Phantom Limb Pain
RA Hypnosis
Shingles Relief
TMJ Pain
Parenting Skills
Be an Assertive Parent
Patient Childcare
Relax with Baby
Kids Left Home?
Enjoy Being Mum
Parenting Teenagers
Losing Custody
First Time Dad
Confident New Parent
More Than Your Parents
Feel Less Guilty Parents
Less Protective Parenting
Irritation with Kids
Play More
Single Parenting
Parenting a Special Needs Child
Team Family
Anxious Watching Child Perform
Kids – Worry Less
Personal Development
Travel Into the Future
Be More Balanced
Being Alone
Brain Power Series
Comfort Zone
Manifest Your Reality
Develop Empathy
Love House Work
Locate Misplaced Items
Your Real Self
Fix It!
Loving Your Self
The Artist Within
How to Overcome Learned Helplessness
Live Your Values
Home Alone
Coping with Uncertainty
Comeback Kid
Making Changes
Personal Growth
Develop Personal Power
Life Planning
Self Re-Invention
Retirement Confidence
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Listen, Don’t Fix
Be Strong
Advice from the Unconscious
Personal Finance
Be Debt Free
Be Frugal
Charge Realistically
Foreign Currency Trading
Shame Over money
Scared of Being Rich
Financial Planning Mindset
Financial Worries
Millionaire Thinking
Overcome Materialism
Save Your Money
Professional Trader
Personal Fitness
Motivate Yourself to Exercise
Get Down the Gym!
Build Stronger Muscles
Do More Walking
Personal Productivity
Be More Productive
Write Better Stories
Improve Creativity
Do It Now
Focus on One Thing
Don’t Get Sidetracked
Get Back to It!
Organizational Efficiency
Get Your Book Published
Improve Your Focus
Clear Roadblocks
No More Procrastination!
Never Give Up
Achieve Your Goals
Do More Reading
Remember Your Phone
Learn Self Discipline
Stop Sabotaging Yourself
Stop Being Lazy
Watching Too Much TV?
Get that Book Out
Write a Lot
Complete Your Dissertation
Write Freely Again
Writing Lyrics
Personal Skills
How to Ask for Help
Awakening Intuition
Be Less Materialistic
More Actively Involved
More Patience
More Playfulness
Increase Your Tolerance
Best Man’s Speech
Stay Motivated
Increase Optimism
Personal Courage
Be Tougher
Increase Emotional Flexibility
Grateful For What You Have
Increase your Luck
Strong Inside
Keep a Cool Head
Keep Secrets
Know Thyself!
Act on Your Knowledge
Masculine Man
Train Negotiation
80% is good enough
Groom Yourself
Keeping a Poker Face
Optimistic Attitude
Resist Temptation
Saying Farewell
See the Best in Others
Don’t Be A Nitpicker
Be More Responsible
Care Less – Other Peoples’ Thoughts
Pregnancy and Childbirth
Breastfeeding Relaxation
Give Birth Naturally
Dads – Prepare for Baby
Losing a Baby
Fear Of Pregnancy
Getting Pregnant
Fertility Hypnosis
Your Beautiful Pregnant Body
Pregnancy Sickness
Positive Pregnancy
Postnatal Depression
Pregnancy After Miscarriage
Caesarean Preparation
Hypnosis to Help with a Breech Baby
Quit Smoking
Smoking – Stay Quit
Relationship Help
Leaving Abusive Relationships
Receive Affection
Living with Alcoholic Husband
Aspergers Husband
Aspergers in Women
Being Adopted
Stop Blaming Others
Choose Mr Right
Codependent Relationship
Emotional Intimacy
Put An End To The Affair
Finish Relationship
Ending a Friendship
Estranged from Your Children
Family Argument
Enjoy Family Gatherings
Being Abandoned
Relationship Commitment
Overcome Fear of Falling in Love
Overcome Fear of Rejection
Feel More Attractive
Find Your Soulmate
How to Forgive Your Parents
Getting Over Somone
Get Over That Relationship
Divorce Recovery
Give Your Partner Space
Be More Independent
Reduce Relationship Insecurity
Partner is Jealous
Love Again
Love His/Her Faults
Singles Skills
Addicted to Love
Sexual Jealousy
Elderly Parents
Brighten Up Relationships
Mother Relationship
Marriage Survival Skills
Brothers and Sisters
Divorce – Don’t Be Bitter
Avoid Adultery
Mind Reading in Relationships
Stop Pushing People Away
Approval Seeking
Obsessive Snopping on your Partner
Get Over Someone
Stop Shouting
Overcome Infidelity
Learn to Trust Again
Chasing Attached Men
Obsessive Love
Relaxation Techniques
Quick Snooze
A Healthy Rest
A Warm Place
Go Deeper Into Hypnosis
Beach Holiday
Relax Your Body
7-11 Breathing
Crystal Ball Relaxation
Breathe Deep
Hypnosis Virgin?
Forest Relaxation
Deep Meditation
Enjoy the Natural World
Sleep Deeply
Make Pretty Pictures in Your Mind
Perfect Peace
Instant Self Hypnosis
Lunchtime Relaxation
Hypnotic Massage
Better Hypnotic Subject
Clear Meditation Mind
Hike in your Mind
Quiet Your Thoughts
De-Stress After Work
Walk in a Meadow
The Four Seasons
Keep Improving
The Island
Vacation Mind
Yoga Hypnosis
Self Confidence
Confidence with Men
Attractive Women
Greater Self Belief
Increase Your Body Confidence
Speak Up in Class
Even More Confidence
Dance like No-Ones Watching
Be a Good Host
Classroom Confidence
Date with Confidence
Flirt and Relax
Don’t Feel Like an Imposter
Love Performance
Handling Peer Pressure
Confident Body Language
Boost Your Confidence
Short Man Syndrome
Trust in Yourself
Your Confidence Album
Self Esteem
Increase Self Esteem
Gain More Self Respect
Who Are You?
Feel Put Down?
Take Pride in Yourself
Secure in Yourself
Better Self Image
Self Acceptance
Self Esteem in Relationships
Self Hate
Realistic Responsibility
Don’t Self Pity
Voicing Insecurities
You’re Not Stupid
Don’t Devalue Yourself
Sexual Problems
Accept Penis Size
Accept Your Sexuality
Partners Touch
Coming Out
Overcome Impotence
Delayed Ejaculation
Fear of Sex
Being Gay
Increase Female Libido
Increase Male Libido
Virgin No More
More Pleasure – Women
Better Sex – Men
Overcome a Fetish
Fear of Sex
Uncomfortable Naked
Boost Sexual Confidence
Sleep Problems
Bounce out of Bed
Cure Insomnia
Sleep with Hypnosis
Get to Sleep Early
Falling Asleep
Back to Sleep
Ignore Snoring
Nighttime Anxiety
Repetitive Nightmare
Dream and Sleep
The Sleep Kids Sleep
Sleeping on Your Side
Be Quiet at Night
Sleeping Alone
Sleeping Pill Addiction
Nighttime Awakenings
Social Anxiety
Comfortable Silences
Motivated to Socialize
Fear of Being Judged
Don’t Cough Nervously
Reduce Shyness
Forget Yourself Socially
Overcome Social Phobia
Socialize More
Speaking with many
cool down blushing
Stop Nervous Laughter
Sports Performance
Be a Sports Winner
Keep Going!
Shooting Free Throws
In The Zone
Playing Hazards in Golf
Swing Well at Golf
Putt Well Always
Teeing Off
Half Marathon Training
Shoot Better
Improve Your Archery
Better Chess
Martial Arts Awareness
Martial Arts Timing
Mind Sport
Tough Mind
Playing Better Snooker
Pre-Game Preparation
Quick Start
Run for Fun
Don’t Stop Running
Recover Fast from Injury
Football Penalty Taking
Ten Pin
Perfect Tennis Serve
Stress Management
New House Stress
Always Busy
Caring for an Anorexic
Problem Neighbors
Don’t be so Uptight
Burn Out
Customer Support Stress
Declutter Your Home
Deal with Life Stress
Failing School Tests
You are safe
Escape the Trap You’re In
Home Reposessed?
Instant Stress Relief
Surviving Long Flights
Status Problems
Midlife Crisis
Mindfulness Course
Nervous Breakdown
Stop Being So Competitive
Alzheimers Parent
Gone Bankrupt?
Feeling Down after Vacation
Life Priorities
Time Stress
Relax Your Shoulders
Reduce Stress