Tips on sleeping well

Getting a good quality night’s sleep is integral to keeping stress and anxiety at bay. Your body repairs itself during sleep. Your memory improves. Your mind processes situations and sorts them out, creating space for new ideas and your stress hormones go down as your mind and body slow.

So, just for a week, try just ONE of the tips below to see whether it improves the quality of your sleep:

1. Before you lie down, sit on the edge of your bed and take 10, slow, deep breaths, right to your belly.

2. Think about the most relaxing place you can (real or imagined) and the sights, sounds, smells and textures there as you fall asleep.

3. Exercise about 3 hours before your bedtime – enough time for the adrenaline to die down !

4. Keep hydrated…try 8 cups of water through the day, with the last cup about 2 hours before bedtime

5. Avoid caffeine after 2pm

6. Have your last sugary snack and drink (including alcohol) about 3 hours before bed

7. Listen to your favourite playlist before bedtime

8. Add a blue light filter on your phone. Twilight is the app I use, and it works really well.

9. Go technology-free 30 mins before bed

10. Try 5 minutes of meditation before bed

I’d love to hear from you – let me know if you feel a difference in your sleep and subsequent productivity!

Of course, if you’re experiencing high levels of stress, it can be difficult to fall asleep – and then that makes it difficult to deal with whatever is causing the stress…causing a bit of a vicious cycle.  Try to take a step back and work out how to reduce your general stress levels. If you think you need help, book in a free 30 minute consultation to find out whether life coaching and hypnotherapy could be the thing for you – call 07545812477 or email



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