Washing up is good for you – mindful living in the daily grind

Come and discuss this book on 17th July 2018, 7-9pm, Fountain Harvester, Milton Keynes.
Comment below or email me to let me know you’re going to join. Event is free and new members are always welcome.

Our book club is an informal discussion over food and drinks (both optional) where we discuss what we thought and how reading the book has helped us. New members are always welcome.


We’re an informal group that meet in the Fountain Harvester once a month to discuss interesting personal development books.

When I lived in Portugal there was a joke amongst the locals that house repairs never got completed because it was too nice outside to bother with the inside of the house for too long. This month I’m kind of understanding what they mean – I don’t know about you, but I need a bit of motivation to do the necessary tasks in life whilst it’s so lovely outside. I’m hoping this book will contain some tips to help me keep the house clean!

(My husband bought this for me…I think he may have been dropping a subtle hint…)

The book is pretty, short and light-hearted; an appropriate summer read. Available in physical form and on Audible.


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