Back to School Offer


September marks the month people go back to school; a change only in the amount of traffic or shared space on trains and buses for some, whilst the start of a new year for many students, teachers and parents.

August was, unusually, a busy month for me.  I was expecting a dearth of work, but it seems that those who were not going away were using the time to self-reflect and reach out for help. It’s always really rewarding to help people form new habits, set goals and move on from things that have happened in their past to overcome their limitations, so I’m really glad I was busy!

I’m looking forward to what looks like a quieter September so far. I’ve got all sorts of grand plans to study more, market more, draft a book and get on some social media channels. First things first – I plan to make a plan, check what’s feasible, leave room to adapt; all in all, practice what I preach!

That being said, I find September to be an exciting month to see clients. Whether it’s because people are thinking clearly after their holidays (if they’ve been on one…) or whether it’s out of habit (after all, we’ve been used to our ‘new’ academic year beginning in September for many years), so many people plan their years in September.

Some of my clients benefit from a few sessions to work on a specific habit they want to change, whilst others like to have regular sessions to set goals and review them throughout the year. Whatever your preference, if you book your sessions in September I will give you a 20% discount on them*.

So, if you want some help making a plan for the year and sticking to it, book now or contact me for information

07545812477 or

*Sessions can be taken at any time during the year, but must be booked and paid for in September for this offer to apply. If you need to change your booking, this is fine with 24 hours notice.

Session of hypnotherapy and life coaching


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