Milton Keynes Personal and Professional Development Book Club – The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Come and discuss this book on 22nd August, 7-9pm, Fountain Harvester, Milton Keynes
Click here to join. Event is free.

Gary Chapman is an experienced counsellor who has seen similar problems crop up time and time again in relationships (with a partner, friends, colleagues or even your children) – miscommunication.

In his book, ‘the Five Love Languages’ he breaks down for us how to communicate with people in their language. He recounts for us how relationships have been transformed by this simple act.

He’s written followup books since this first one – applying the five love languages to the workplace, to children, to friendships…but this first book lays out the basic principles which you can apply to any relationship if you think a little bit 🙂

This is a very popular book, and I’m really looking forward to hearing your view on it. Does it resonate with your own experiences? Has reading it changed how you are with people? Is there anything you think he’s missed out? Are relationships far more complicated than that? Come and discuss at the Harvester.

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