Building gratifying relationships

£170 for 10 sessions
Next course dates TBC

This is a 10 week course in which you will learn all about how to make your relationships great. The focus will be on relationships between couples who are living together, but the principles can be applied to your relationships with your parents, children, other family members, friends and colleagues. You can attend as a couple or on your own. Classes are kept small so that I can give you individualised attention and support outside of sessions.

Topics include:

  • How the brain filters reality
  • Stepping into someone else’s reality
  • Communicating to be understood
  • The differences between men and women
  • Why we choose who we choose
  • Discovering our emotional needs
  • Communicating difficult feelings
  • Asking for support
  • Keeping the magic alive

Course dates are TBC, however please email me on to register your interest and I will ensure you’re given the first preference once I’ve released dates.

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