Decrease Stress and Anxiety Course

£100 for 6 sessions 
Wednesdays 12-2pm and 7-9pm (pick the time that suits you)
Next course dates – 2, 16, 30 August, 13, 27 Sept and 11 

Sessions are in Milton Keynes 5 min drive/20 min walk from Milton Keynes Central Railway station

This is a 6 week course in which you will learn how to decrease the levels of stress and anxiety you are feeling. You will learn effective stress-busting tools which will help you manage all sorts of sources of stress and will serve you both now and in the future. You will be able to use these tools to help yourself, friends and family.

We will cover:

  • What stress is
  • Why stress happens
  • What is happening in your body when you’re stressed
  • Quick ways to reduce stress ‘in the moment’
  • How to prevent stress from overwhelming you so often
  • How to reduce the stress caused by fears
  • Managing your thoughts and emotions
  • Reducing stress caused by internal conflicts
  • Creating manageable goals

You also receive a free 60 minute coaching session which you can take during or after the course to get some help on any specific causes of stress in your life.

Classes are kept small so that I can give you individualised attention and support outside of sessions.

If there is a session you cannot make, I can catch you up or you can attend the equivalent session on the next course.

By popular request, I have made these sessions modular with each module at £20 so that you can attend the sessions which are relevant to you:
1. Stress

– What stress actually is (spoiler: a natural physiological response)
– Why stress can be good for us
– Why stress is often bad for us
– A series of 3-minute stress busting techniques you can utilise wherever you are
– A guided relaxation

2nd August 12-2pm or 7-9pm

2. Self Esteem

– What self-esteem is and why it is important
– How to get more self-esteem
– The difference between self-esteem and arrogance
– How a higher self-esteem helps reduce stress and anxiety

16 August 12-2pm or 7-9pm

3. The role of nutrition, exercise and sleep in decreasing stress

– How adequate nutrition helps reduce stress
– How a good night’s sleep helps reduce stress
– The role of exercise in decreasing stress
– How to create habits that last (to apply to improved nutrition, exercise and sleep, but can be used for anything)
– How to get a good night’s sleep

30 August 12-2pm or 7-9pm

4. How mindfulness can help stress

– What mindfulness is
– How mindfulness changes the brain
– How mindfulness decreases stress and anxiety
– Mindfulness exercises to practice at home

13 September 12-2pm or 7-9pm

5. How to improve communication and decrease conflict

– How poor communication and unneeded conflicts can lead to stress
– How we can communicate more effectively – with ourselves, and with others
– What we can do when conflict arises

27 September 12-2pm or 7-9pm

6. Goal setting, recovering from knock-backs, ‘failure’ and perfectionism

– How to set goals you’ll reach
– What to do when you suffer from a knock-back
– What happens if you fail
– Balancing perfectionism with noticing what is already perfect

11 October 12-2pm or 7-9pm

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